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Rotary oven Rotor Agro
  • Rotary oven Rotor Agro
  • Rotary oven Rotor Agro
  • Rotary oven Rotor Agro
  • Rotary oven Rotor Agro

Rotary oven Rotor Agro

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Brand:Forni Fiorini
Country of manufacture:Italy

Products : Rotary oven Rotor Agro buy wholesale price from manufacturer in Russia

Technical characteristics of Rotor Agro

Parameters / Model Rotor Agro 202 Rotor Agro 302
The capacity of bread molds for one load, the number of molds on the cart (No. 7, No. 10) 150 (10 tiers) 180/225 (9 tiers)
Average power consumption for an electric oven 34.5 kW 39.5 kW
Average power consumption for gas / diesel oven 2.2 kW
Average consumption of natural gas 5 m 3 / h 6 m 3 / h
Average fuel oil consumption 4.6 kg / h 5.0 kg / h
Average electricity consumption (for an electric oven) 35 kWh
 Hearth sheet size 600x800 mm 600x1100 mm
Operating temperature range 60 - 300 ºС
Rated voltage of the supply network (for electric oven) 380V (with zero drive)
Water pressure in the water pipe connected to the stove not less than 0.3 MPa
Overall dimensions, mm 1720x2520x2605 1945x2770x2605
Used carts TX201 TX301
Number of tiers / distance between guides 15pcs / 104mm; 18pcs / 87.5mm; 20pcs / 97.5mm
Hearth area 8.7 sq. m. 11.9 sq. m.
Weight 1,500 kg 1850 kg

Equipment warranty: 12 months;

Production time: 30 calendar days;

Commissioning works : (assembly, personnel training, test baking) are paid separately, 5% of the equipment cost.

Convenient and multifunctional equipment is designed to solve traditional problems facing a wholesale manufacturer of bread and bakery products - baking a variety of products in large quantities:

  • rye - wheat hearth and shaped bread varieties;
  • loaves and wicker bakery products;
  • small retail products;
  • baked products from puff and biscuit dough;
  • various types of cookies (butter, sugar, oatmeal and others);
  • gingerbread.

The Russian manufacturer took care not only of the reliability of the equipment, but also of its design. Rotary ovens "Rotor Agro" are modern design, functionality and well - thought - out production technology.

  • For one load, you can get from 150 to 225 bread tins;
  • The high production speed allows for one shift to fulfill the norm for the production of bread and any other confectionery products.

The following technological features make it possible to obtain products with an appetizing golden brown crust and glossy shine at the outlet:

  • A steam generator that creates an optimal microclimate inside the oven, and a rotating platform that evenly distributes heat and process steam;
  • Heating unit with a two - speed fan that blows and prevents hot air from stagnating.

Each model in the basic configuration is:

  • Convenient program control panel for 100 programs, equipped with non - volatile memory;
  • Practical manual slide gate regulator;
  • Double glazed doors with natural cold air blowing;
  • Halogen lamps inside the door for visual control of product quality;
  • Reliable double door lock;
  • A continuous ramp with a low threshold and a wide opening for easy positioning of a filled cart.

We supply all models of Rotor Agro furnaces disassembled, so that it is convenient to bring in and assemble the equipment in production facilities with typical dimensions of staircases and door openings.

  • Warranty service - 12 months.
  • Production within 30 days from the date of registration of the application.

The overall advantage of the ovens is their durability. In addition, the equipment has the following qualities:

  • low operating cost;
  • ease of management and maintenance;
  • profitability;
  • facilitated care.

Payment terms : 100% prepayment, partial payment is possible

Terms of delivery: EXW, other terms of delivery are also possible

Brand: Forni Fiorini

Company : Ural Upak Engineering

The sphere of activity of the Ural Upak Engineering company is the supply of large consignments of bakery, filling and packaging, confectionery and bottling equipment, as well as service maintenance of the units. Our catalog contains a large selection of models (from budget options to premium products) in a wide range of prices. In addition to wholesale supplies of equipment, we offer a whole range of additional services (development of a unique packaging design, personnel training, consulting services, repair and maintenance of equipment).

We offer:

  • Equipment (bakery, filling and packaging, confectionery and draft)
  • Spare parts for equipment
  • Packaging
  • Sausage casings
  • Marinades, food additives, spices
Brand:Forni Fiorini
Country of manufacture:Italy
Information is up-to-date: 18.10.2021

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